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Holistic Therapy for Women

Are you overwhelmed with life?

Does life sometimes get you down and you find yourself completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with the simplest of tasks?  Have you heard about Flower Essences? There are hundreds of Flower Essences that help to relieve our feelings of being overwhelmed and other emotions that hinder our everyday lives. 

Holistic Therapy for Children

Is your child struggling to express themselves?

Often children do not have the vocabulary to express the emotions they are experiencing or perhaps feel that the adult in their lives will not understand them if they try to explain. By choosing flower essences no words are required. 

Holistic Therapy Skype remote sessions

Too busy to get to us?
We can still help

You might be too busy during the day, we are here in the evening to suit you in the comfort of your own home. Both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy can be sent energetically to you regardless of where you are. Flower Essence also works great on Skype.

How I can help using holistic treatments

Perhaps you’ve tried various holistic treatments before and you’ve felt they’ve not quite worked for you. You could have tried reflexology, reiki or something else. When you come to me I look at the whole person not just at the one issue that’s presenting itself. You may think you have a problem with sinuses, want reflexology to hep you get pregnant or just want to be less stressed. 

During your consultation, I take into account every aspect of the whole person sitting in front of me. Believe me, it’s never just one issue! I’ll use a combination of treatments to address the underlying issue helping you truly move forward.

How calm are you feeling within yourself?


When you come to me, I help you get clarity


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What our clients say

How holistic therapy has changed lives. Hear from our customers.

Aisling was very perceptive at finding out what my root issues were in her session on Access Consciousness. I found that as I lay on the massage bed, I felt that "stuff" was being removed from my head but also from my stomach as well
Zebbie Hanafi
Access Consciousness therapy
Aisling is incredible and knows just how to help, whether it is through flower essences, reflexology or her energy therapies A wonderful way to uplift the soul.
AnneMarie Smellie
Combination of treatments
Having had four reflexology treatments with Aisling recently, I encourage anyone to book a course, they really are a must..so relaxing, informative, honest & makes you understand why things are happening to your body and how to deal with them. I'm looking at things differently thanks to my sessions, health, diet, exercise etc, such beneficial sessions.
Cindy Cameron
Reflexology treatments

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