Oak Tree time

Aisling McGreevy

Founder & Intuitive Healer

How I became a holistic healer

I think it’s always been a part of me; when I was young I felt that I had a connection to something else and would often come up with answers to peoples’ problems which seemed odd; they would try to call my bluff and say I made it up, but there was a little voice inside me telling me otherwise.

I didn’t listen to that voice at the time and instead I spent most of my life in sales and loved my work as I was making a difference to people’s lives. It was never about the money it was always about the deal that made a difference to their businesses. Living in Ireland at this time the economy was good and I enjoyed my work even though it involved long hours and very little time off. Some may have called it stressful whereas I loved it. The stress came when business started to fall and instead of me chasing around the country day after day, I was sitting at home desperately trying to encourage my customers to place an order. It was so stressful I ended up at the doctors with heart palpitations and not in a good place.

At this time, I had qualified in Reiki and had been using it only on myself, family and friends. My doctor suggested I have a career change and suggested reflexology. This was the start of my career in holistic therapies which has transformed my life. I’ve never been happier in my work and personal life. Working with these wonderful therapies has allowed me to flourish and blossom into the person I was always meant to be. The detour in life was purposeful and I am glad I took it but I’m so much more fulfilled now that I’ve landed here working with my true self.

Ruby Rua – Holistic Therapies; where the name came from

Ruby Rua Holistic Therapies comes from a seed that a friend of mine planted for me. It was a sunflower seed and she asked me “did I want a usual Yellow Sunflower or a Ruby Red one. I had never seen a red one so thought it would be nice. 

When it came to coming up with a name I thought about the sunflower and the colour ‘yellow’, it signifies the light out there that guides us through life and ‘red’ is the passion inside of us that drives us forward. It’s our essence. 

The Irish word for red is ‘Rua’. Growing up in Co. Mayo where the county colours are red and green It felt right to have red in the name along with green, as ‘green’ is the colour of the heart chakra and red is our root Chakra, but it’s also the essence in our soul that drives us forward. 

This was the start of Ruby Rua.

Ruby Rua a red sunflower

How we can help using holistic treatments

Perhaps you’ve tried various holistic treatments before and you’ve felt they’ve not quite worked for you. You could have tried reflexology, reiki or something else. When you come to us we look at the whole person not just at the one issue that’s presenting itself. You may think you have a problem with sinuses, want reflexology to hep you get pregnant or just want to be less stressed. 

During our consultation, we take into account every aspect of the whole person sitting in front of us. Believe us, it’s never just one issue! We’ll use a combination of treatments to address the underlying issue helping you truly move forward.

How calm are you feeling within yourself?


When you come to us, we help you get clarity


so that you can move forward and are transformed


“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”