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Flower Essences – What are they?

I was prompted to write this blog today as it is International Flower Essence Awareness Week and I am sure that many of the people reading this blog may not only have never tried an essence, but not even known what an essence is.

Going back four years ago I discovered the world of Flower Essence and Vibrational Medicine. Up to that time I had only heard of Rescue Remedy and had not even tried it, so to discover that there was a whole world out there of Flower Essence producers and practitioners was difficult to believe, and when people spoke about them so generously and affectionately I thought they were a bit loopy to say the least. I thought that they were making it up as they spoke about particular essences making them feel happy or confident or a number of other emotions that to be honest sounded completely false to me. I was a nonbeliever and at the same time was completely drawn to learn more about these essences. I have always been a doubting Tomas and needed verification from these essences to prove that they did indeed have ‘super powers’ as one of my young clients like to call them. 

I began a diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine and delved into the world of essences, getting to know each essence as an individual and experiencing how I felt while taking each one in turn. This was a very difficult journey for me and did not run smoothly as each essence brought with it various emotions that I had hidden for a long time and was reluctant to expose them, so I chose to ignore their effects and just went along with the course and voiced the words that I felt were meant to go with each essence. 

That was until I met Oak Essence. When I first experienced Oak Essence it was like meeting an old friend that I had not seen for a long time and was unaware that I had missed them so much until they turned up in my life, and then realised that when they are with me everything in my world feels right. I had arrived in the Essence world and have never looked back and I am thankful each and every day that I have my wonderful essences to help me cope with the usual crisis that we encounter in everyday life.

So at the beginning of the blog I posed the question ‘What are Flower Essences’? My intention was to introduce you to them and help you understand just what they can do for us. I feel that I have not quite achieved this and so I will continue to write more blogs and try to bring to life the extraordinary effects these essences have had on my life. Please let me know what you think about essences and stay connected to hear the next part in my journey.

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  1. Rosie Mortimer

    This is lovely – keep it up dear Aisling! You are a wonderful person. I’ve just had a beech spray top-up! xx

  2. Billy

    Beautiful. Aisling
    Love to have the same soon

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