‘The Chinese believe that reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance.’ By working on the reflex points on your big toe, kidneys and ankle we can balance your endocrine and reproductive system, helping relieve PMS or menopausal symptoms. Reflexology never ceases to amaze me in how it can balance every part of our bodies and can also detect imbalances at an early stage, sometimes even before they are physically evident. Every organ, muscle and system is assessed in a treatment and where there is a blockage it can be relieved. Certain symptoms benefit hugely from reflexology such as Sinusitis, IBS, back ache, headaches and so much more.  When our bodies are out of balance in one area, it can have a knock-on effect in other areas.  Reflexology works on balancing every part of us. We are not offering in person Reflexology at the moment however we incorporate reflex trigger points into many of our sessions.

Reflexology to heal yourself
Maternity Reflexology in Berkshire

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology comes into its own when working and someone who is pregnant.

You can start maternity reflexology from 3 months. It’s safe and effective during pregnancy at helping to alleviate pain, reducing stress, boosting the immune system and promoting peaceful sleep.

It’s also helpful if you’re past your due date to naturally stimulate labour.

By using the Metamorphic Technique to stimulate every nerve in the mothers body the baby can feel more connected. This is a very relaxing technique and is beautiful to watch a pregnant ‘mum to be’ get so connected with their unborn baby. As you get closer to your due date, reflexology can help to prepare the body for the birth of the baby.

We plan in our diaries and in our heads for the due date without sometimes letting our bodies know what we expect of them. Reflexology can help the pelvis gradually move into position in the last few weeks and helps to reduce labour times. Babies whose mothers have had reflexology can be less agitated.  This treatment is not available at the moment, however, if you and your partner would like to learn the metamorphic technique then please book a session.


A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki works on the energy field around the body and calms it,thereby allowing the body to heal itself. It can be received from a distance and is very effective in easing pain when painkillers no longer work. All Reiki treatments are on zoom or sent to clients at a time that suits.

Reiki - relaxing and peaceful
Indian Head Massage

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage

An Indian Head and Shoulder Massage soothes, comforts and harmonises the body’s natural balance, helping to promote physical and psychological wellbeing and leaves you with a sense of clarity, focus and vision.  By massaging the upper back and shoulders first where much tension is held it allows you to relax into the treatment.  Many clients tell us that when we start to work on their heads it brings them back to a time in their lives where they would sit on their mothers lap while she stroked their hair. This sense of comfort and security releases the tension of everyday life and brings about a sense of awe and wonder where our creativity is heightened once the shackles and constraints of modern life are released.  This treatment is not available at the moment

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear Candling is a very relaxing treatment. All you can hear while you lie there is the crackling of the candle as it slowly burns down and assists in the holistic relief of a number of medical conditions and issues that are related to the ear, nose and throat. People who are prone to a heaviness around their sinuses benefit greatly from this treatment. This treatment is not available at the moment.

Hopi Ear Candling - Relaxing treatment
Flower Essence - clear old energy patterns, thoughts & emotions

Flower Essence Therapy

A beautiful description of what Flower Essence can do for us.

“The action of flower essences can be compared to the effects we experience from hearing a particularly moving piece of music, or seeing an inspirational work of art. The light or sound waves which reach our senses may evoke profound feelings in our soul, which indirectly affect our breathing, pulse rate, and other physical states. These patterns do not impact us by direct physical or chemical intervention in our bodies. Rather, it is the contour and arrangement of the light or sound which awakens an experience within our own soul similar to that which arose within the soul of the creator of the musical or art form. This is the phenomenon of resonance, as when a guitar string sounds when a matching note is sung. In a similar way, the specific structure and shape of the life forces conveyed by each flower essence resonate with, and awaken, particular qualities within the human soul.”

Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz, Flower Essence Repertory Flower Essence Services (FES)

Flower Essences can be very deep acting and have the ability to clear old energy patterns, thoughts and emotions, helping restore balance and harmony to mind and emotion. Each Flower Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency or energy, which helps to release old patterns, getting you to the root of an issue. Essences are gentle and safe for use with adults, children, animals and even plants. They can be used both for long-standing problems and for first aid. We work with a variety of different ranges from all over the world from Alaska to Australia and many more closer to home. Nature has solutions for many of our modern day ailments. Each flower and gem essence is carefully produced to bring about the maximum benefits to you.

A Flower Essence session is a gentle way of opening us up to healing from nature and finding a solution specific to each client by combining a bespoke selection of essences to suit.

Access Consciousness

How can life get better than this?

Whose eyes are you looking through when you judge yourself?

Imagine living your life with Ease, Joy and Glory?  If this sounds good to you then come along and experience the wonderful treatment that is Access Consciousness. This is an energy therapy that works on 32 different points on the head and brings about a freedom from those thoughts that go round and round your head and take up so much of your precious time and they never resolve the issues. 

After having Access Consciousness you will experience a different result to the same tasks that you were always trying to get right. Does someone occupy your thoughts to an annoying degree?  Would you like that space back to use as you see fit? We’ll spring clean your brain.

Having an Access Consciousness treatment can feel like you have had a full body massage as you feel lighter and freer.

Access Consciousness spring clean your brain
IET - replace your concerns with positive thoughts

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

IET is a channelled energy and a gentle way of releasing concerns and replacing them with their positive aspects. This allows you to let go of what no longer serves you from a place of love and not fear. All through the session you will be held in a safe and protected space. IET is suitable for all ages and is particularly effective with children and/or childhood issues. All sessions are online using zoom or can be sent energetically at a time that suits the client.

IET Takes the Issues out of the Tissues

As we go through life we attract situations that can overwhelm us and the energy around the situation is supressed as trauma into our human energy field. These traumatic imprints can:

  • Attract repetitions of the situation (We repeat the same patterns) 
  • They can also limit our ability to express our creativity

The energy of some of this trauma is also supressed as physical and emotional imprints into the cellular memory of our physical body. This suppressed energy can limit our enjoyment of life as well as impair our physical and emotional state of wellbeing.

Become empowered and fulfil your soul’s mission in life. 

We use the angels to help us:

Angel Raphael blesses you with KNOWLEDGE.
Angel Faith blesses you with BALANCE.
Angel Daniel blesses you with HOMECOMING.
Angel Ariel blesses you with SPIRITUALITY.
Angel Cassiel blesses you with GRACE.
Angel Gabriel blesses you with FORESIGHT.
Angel Michael blesses you with COURAGE.
Angel Sarah blesses you with EMPOWERMENT.
Angel Celestina blesses you with CREATIVITY.

You don’t have to believe in it for it to work.