Helping you from the comfort of your home

All sessions are online. Both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) can be sent energetically to you regardless of the distance from us. These sessions can be done on Zoom or organised in advance to be received at a particular time that suits you.  Flower Essence sessions are also on Zoom, we are happy in the knowledge that you are in a safe place to process what comes up in the session and then post the combination we’ve selected for your use.

Sometimes when you’re receiving either Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy we will use an Essence by placing a few drops in our hands before sending the energy, this can have a remarkable difference to your treatment.

How we can help using holistic treatments

Perhaps you’ve tried various holistic treatments before and you’ve felt they’ve not quite worked for you. You could have tried reflexology, reiki or something else. When you come to us we look at the whole person not just at the one issue that’s presenting itself. You may think you have a problem with sinuses, want reflexology to hep you get pregnant or just want to be less stressed. 

During our consultation, we take into account every aspect of the whole person sitting in front of us. Believe us, it’s never just one issue! We’ll use a combination of treatments to address the underlying issue helping you truly move forward.

How calm are you feeling within yourself?


When you come to us, we help you get clarity


so that you can move forward and are transformed


“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

Treatments available